Month: February 2022

Introduction Writing: Glen Innes, Auckland


G.I is probably the best community in New Zealand, in my opinion.


Glen Innes is a friendly community located in East Auckland, NZ. Glen Innes also has a population over 500 people. Glen Innes is also home to the best schools in Auckland, Pt England, Tamaki college and Tamaki primary school. They teach you new things that you might need for when you get older. There are also different kinds of people that you could meet in Glen Innes, like Maori , islander and pakeha people. Also there are a lot of different places in Glen Innes that are definitely good for kids, like Te oro to learn new cultural dances and do some art, the library to read some new interesting books and School 4to learn a LOT of new things you need to know for life.

Plan Writing: Why G.I is the best community in NZ.

The three ideas:

        The best schools in Glen Innes that little kids should go to when they grow up:

  • Pt england 
  • Tamaki College
  • Tamaki Primary

There are a lot of places in Glen Innes that are good for kids:

  • Te oro to learn more stuff about dancing and other things.
  • The library to learn some new stuff out of books.
  • School, to learn some new things for college and university.


The different kind of people in the Glen Innes community:

  • Maori people
  • Islander people
  • Pakeha people


                  Task Description:

My writing’s about why G.I is the best community in New Zealand. I wrote 3 things under why I think G.I is the best community. Thank you.

Writing Challenge

Samoa currently has a new popular food called Sweet and sour chicken. So Mr Goodwin flew all the way to Samoa just to taste this so-called Sweet and sour chicken, once he landed in Samoa he went to the Sweet and sour chicken shop and he thought it was perfect.  

He said to the owner, “ I’m going to post this on Tiktok so I could tell everyone about this chicken!” He was so exuberant he could’ve ran a whole 10 miles just for the chicken. But then he just decided to do tiktok videos all around Samoa before he goes back to New Zealand. Once he flew out of Samoa he tried doing a tiktok at the airport, but instead he fell and he posted it. It got a million views.

My dream home.


                                                       My Dream Home

                    Owning a mansion with six stories on a hill, distant from    everybody else, in Philadelphia. That is my dream home. But I would also live with 5 other people.


           3 indoor swings in the middle of the hallway would be awesome, because there could be gigantic windows in front of the swings with a nice calming sunset. All the walls on the 5th would be sage green, while every floor in the mansion will be cloud gray, since it is a very nice color. 16 Bedrooms on floor 5,4,3. 7 bathrooms in only 7 of the bathrooms will also be  in my dream house. 


A nice pool with color changing lights in it, on the cliff is a dream of mine. A movie theater would be at the end of the hall on the 6th floor, you could watch any movie you want. 


The 2nd floor will mainly be the kitchen to cook food, the dining room to eat all the food we cook. The 2nd floor will also include a lounge only filled with Nike stuff, like a Nike couch. Included in the lounge would be a gigantic smart tv, a wide window that has an opening glass door, which leads to a swing that makes you swing over the edge, would also be included in the lounge.


The rest of the other floors would include fake vines and guest bedrooms. An indoor park on each floor. But another thing each floor would have is their own personal maids. There would also be automatic opening drawers that open when you command it too.


One reason I would like to live in Philadelphia is because Philadelphia has a really nice city view, and some nice mountains that you could look at in the evening. There are also some nice city lights with water fountains. That would be a nice dream home.


About me.

Talofa lava my name is Amira, I am 11 years old. I am a year 7 that attends Point England School. I live with 5 people, including myself. I am 1/3 Samoan,Niuean and Maori. My favourite food to eat is probably salmon sushi, because salmon is so good! The sports that I usually play at home is volleyball,rugby and cricket. Two things that is really cool about school is the school work and the sports we play at lunch time and morning tea. My favourite things to do are probably tracing anime characters on google drawings, listening to music and eating food. I have 5 amazing friends that are very nice to me and other people. Here,look at my old blog to see what I have done in the past:

Stay tuned to see what I post on my blog!