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Visual Mihi Presentation

Today for my Cybersmart challenge, I decided to do my visual mihi presentation. I introduced myself only using pictures and I found it quite pleasing. Some of my favourite things that I love are in my visual mihi. I enjoyed doing this challenge very much! What are some of the things you can tell just by looking at some of my favourite things?

Cultural Fashion Term 2 Extension

This term for extension we have been learning about Cultural Fashion. We had to research 2 different cultures and pick 1 piece of clothing and explain why they wear it. For my project, I have picked a Ie Lavalava from Samoa and a Kimono from Japan. These are both traditional attire that you could wear on a daily basis. I truly explained each piece of clothing very good in my opinion. Japan is a very populated country and Samoa on the other hand is a country that barely gets recognised by people.

Womans Rights Extension Scratch Project!

This project is my extension project made on why woman should have the right to vote all around the world, especially New Zealand! This was also the project that I have chose to learn about, all about the Womans Suffrage Petition! I  specifically chose this topic because I mainly wanted to learn the history behind this protest but I also wanted to know why this happened in the first place. To find out what happened..just click on one of the signs on this project to find out!

Mcdonald’s Writing

Mcdonald’s, everybody in the world loves Mcdonald’s, well most non-vegan people. Mcdonald’s is practically located everywhere around the WORLD! They have been famous for over 10 years, but it was built in the 90s. Mcdonald’s are definitely famous for all of their burgers, maybe their fries too. They renovate their stores a lot, that’s why the majority of them look fancy,but some Mcdonald’s don’t renovate their stores at all. It would be awesome if the original design version of Mcdonald’s still existed.


Mcdonald’s was built in San Bernardino, California. It was first originally opened on 15th April 1955, according to google. People have made a documentary of when the first Mcdonald opened and who was the original owner, this documentary was made in 2016. The original owners were Maurice Mcdonald and Richard Mcdonald. But now Mcdonalds is located around the world, in some countries. The Mcdonalds in New Zealand is famous and delicious just like every other one.


Some things that are popular from Mcdonald’s are probably the Big Mac or frozen cokes. These are definitely my top 2 favourites that you should try at Mcdonalds! The frozen cokes come in many different kinds of flavours, but people like to stick with the original. People don’t like buying too many frozen cokes because sometimes they lead to tooth decay. The big mac on the other hand, they have a special kind of sauce that makes the flavours pop out! It’s like a quarter-pounder but stacked on each-other.



  • Did you know that Mcdonald’s was originally a BBQ restaurant in the 90’s. But then, 8 years later, they started serving burgers,milkshakes,french fries and pies.
  • Did you know that there are more Mcdonald restaurants than hospitals? There are about 4,000 more Mcdonald’s restaurants than hospitals.
  • The Mcdonald’s logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the whole entire world! 
  • Another interesting fact is, nobody knew who made Ronald Mcdonald, the clown mascot.


Task Descripton:

Today I have finished writing my Mcdonald’s writing that I was working on for 4 days! These might be some things you already knew but that’s okay! Anyways, these are some very interesting facts I found on a link that I will leave at the bottom. Anyways, hope you enjoy this blog post, thank you, and bye!!

Links to Mcdonald’s Websites:

Mcdonald’s Wikipedia

Mcdonald’s Facts

Mcdonald’s History


Mana Ako Club.

Hello! Mana Ako club is coming to a end for Term 2 and I am getting ready for a new term! Mana ako is a after school club also.


->> What do you look forward to?

I look forward to not waking up early and relaxing. I also look forward to doing maths whizz and other learning stuff, I really like doing learning sometimes.


->> What do you try to avoid?

I try to avoid public speaking and dancing infront of everyone on stage, or anywhere actually. Another thing I try to avoid is showing my stuff infront of everyone, for example, like a presentation.


->> What is something you don’t enjoy but is good for you?

Maths, maths is something I don’t enjoy because I don’t understand algebra and bedmas. I also don’t enjoy sports a little because sometimes it’s confusing.

Here are 2 learning goals that I will try to achieve:

1: I will learn better in maths so I know every question straight away.

2: I will try to achieve my goal by posting more than 80 blogposts in term 2.


Thank you for all the people at Mana Ako. Also, thank you for looking at my blog! 🙂

Team 2 Immersion Assembly / We know the way.

Today was the first day of term 2 for Pt England School, this term’s korero is “We know the way.” The first thing that happened was Mrs Nua was calling teachers to tell them they were late to the first Term 2 assembly, they all said they were lost so Mrs Nua told them the directions back to Te Kapua. They all found their way back and it was good.

The next thing that happened was that Team 1, they did a whole act about bees, 2 teachers were acting as beekeepers and another teacher was acting as a giant bee. Mrs Hockly was the narrator of the story. 

Team 2 was next and they were acting as pirates trying to find their way to the captain’s jacket,boots and hat. They were using their excellent navigational skills to find everything!

Team 3 was next and they were doing a questionnaire to figure out if 3 students were smarter than the Team 3 teachers. All of the questions were about the online programming site called Scratch, Scratch is for kids to code and make games about coding as well. The students won the questionnaire because they are smart. One question was “what is scratch?” I would’ve answered with “ It is an online programming site where students can create their own games and share it with everyone on there.” It is really cool.

The next Team that went was team 4. Team 4 did a movie during the holidays and it was about a new girl coming to Pt England and using an ipad as a compass. She had to scan QR codes which will tell her what that place is called and where to go next to scan the next QR code. Then she finally made it to the team 4 block.

The very last one was Team 5’s act, where Miss Setefano and Miss Tipene were pretending to be robots that Miss IIlaoa and Miss Hall were controlling. The funny part was where Miss Ilaoa and Miss Hall poured water on top of both of there “robots” heads. That was everything that happened at assembly today.