Thank you KPMG

Dear KPMG,

Thank you for taking time out of your day to help us create these cool projects that we now cherish! We had so much fun creating new artwork so we can code it! Thank you Justine and the other KPMG staff for making this happen for us, we really enjoyed it a lot. Overall , my highlight of the day was definitely the food, it tasted so amazing and I really have to thank the chefs as well. I hope everybody at KPMG enjoyed the Pt England extension class being there, because we definitely enjoyed it! Also, we thank everybody for taking around on a office tour, I now see how busy everybody has to work in the KPMG building. This was my last trip to KPMG and I loved it so much, thank you for making this last trip memorable! 

Here is some highlights from the day we went down to KPMG!


Thank you Synergy Health!

Today in extension, we got gifted a pedometers from Synergy Health! Pedometers are something that can help you count how many steps you take a day . These are really an incredible gift that we could use on a daily, today I used mine for 10 minutes and I already got 552 steps! Also, a very big thank you to KPMG that partnered with Synergy Health to send these amazing gifts to Pt England School, we are really enjoying them which is amazingg! Anyways, i’m really enjoying how I can now count how many steps I take! Hope you enjoyed my thank you note! Please leave a positive comment on my blog!