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Speech About Pollution

Why we should help stop Pollution:

Hello everyone, today I have made a speech about pollution and why we should stop it. 

There are 3 types of pollution that are happening in the world, such as, air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. 


Air pollution is caused by several things: burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gasoline. Your own vehicle can cause air pollution. Wildfires and burning of garbage waste can also cause air pollution. Driving your car less or turning off the engine can help minimise air pollution. Not burning your garbage waste and not having campfires in the city can also help minimise air pollution.


Air pollution is everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, in the countryside & in the city. It is all around us. It affects everyone. Without air there can be no life but breathing polluted air opens us to a life of diseases and early death. Polluted air is a global health emergency, can cause us to get sick etc.

Air pollution in the United Kingdom can cause up to 36,000 deaths a year since the air is filled with a lot of chemicals. 


A lot of water pollution comes from human activity. Some human causes and fertilisers from farms, waste water and chemicals from factories and trash from people littering. Oil spills have been a major famous problem for water pollution.

Ways to help prevent water pollution is doing a beach clean up, removing plastics from rivers near you, getting rid of toxic chemicals the proper way, not pouring fat and grease down the drain etc

Reason why it is good to prevent water pollution, as it can make people sick especially young children. Some of the bacteria in the water can make people sick, and go hospital and in worst cases, die. It is important to prevent water pollution and assure water is safe for ourselves and the future generation. It can also be harmful to the sea animals and sea creatures

These are all caused by people dumping their rubbish in the ocean or leaving their rubbish on the ground instead of the bin. Sea animals are slowly dying in the ocean because sometimes animals think rubbish is food so they slowly devour it and they choke. 

Land pollution is things such as illegal dumping and littering, overcrowded landfills, nuclear wastes and so on.

Ways to help prevent land pollution are reducing the amount of waste. Recycle and reusing resources whenever possible to reduce waste and can also help you save money.

It is important to prevent land pollution as Harmful chemicals that can get into the soil can be very dangerous for animals and humans.

So, this is why I think people should stop polluting.


Hello there! Today I have posted my speech about pollution and how there are different types. These 3 main types are water pollution,air pollution and land pollution. It is really devastating how people don’t care about all the rubbish and the gas that comes out of factories. I really think people should change in society because this is just wrong.

But, we thank all the people that are really making a difference in our community by picking up all the rubbish. You could also make a difference if you pick up rubbish and throw it in the nearest bin! 🙂

Setting Goals.

Today, I wanted to set some goals for myself to achieve by the end of 2022. Here are 5 main goals that I really want to achieve:

• I want to learn how to tune my guitar and how to play songs on it.

• I want to learn how to be more respectful to other people without complaining all the time

•  Another interesting thing I want to set is improving my growth mind set.

• I want to achieve 160 blog posts by the end of the year so I can improve from last year.

• For my final goal, I’m going to participate in every activity that we do in class so I can learn some new things!


Homework: Term 3, Week 1

Literacy 6 Sentences:

On a very gloomy day, a old man has lost his loved one. They have been together for many years and promised eachother that they will stay together forever. Until they hit 56, the beautiful lady had cancer but decided not to tell anybody, she decided that she will spend her last days with her loved one since all her family has passed on. They went on walks to go see the beautiful trees, they went to go sit down on the chairs at the beach to watch the sunset, the couple did everything fun that they could do. One fateful day, they went on a walk and sat down on their favourite chair, the guy was wondering why his wife wasn’t talking, but it turns out she wasn’t breathing. He rushed her to the hospital and realised it was too late, from this day on he still sits on that chair with her favourite flower.


Writing Challenge.


On the 6th of june 2022, the warriors had a game against the Melbourne Storm, whoever won gets free tickets to a resort in Hawaii. They were outstanding in the beginning because they got 6 points to 2, but then the Melbourne Storm caught up to their score and it was a full-on tie. It was really intense but it was half-time, the warriors went to their coach, and the coach explained some strategies about how they could win. When half-time was finished, they ran back out to the field and started playing intensely. Everybody was cheering them on, “Warriors, warriors!” They won and took the trophy with them to the Hawaiian resort the next day. They had a nice time at the resort playing rugby.