Setting Goals.

Today, I wanted to set some goals for myself to achieve by the end of 2022. Here are 5 main goals that I really want to achieve:

• I want to learn how to tune my guitar and how to play songs on it.

• I want to learn how to be more respectful to other people without complaining all the time

•  Another interesting thing I want to set is improving my growth mind set.

• I want to achieve 160 blog posts by the end of the year so I can improve from last year.

• For my final goal, I’m going to participate in every activity that we do in class so I can learn some new things!


One thought on “Setting Goals.

  1. Kia ora Amira,

    I absolutely love your goals! I think learning the guitar would be fantastic – I’m sure we have people at school who play that could help you! I would like to work on my growth mindset too – to give things a go more often!

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