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Graphy Graphs

Today in maths, we were learning about the different kind of graphs there are. We also did some statements to prove that these are right. My favourite thing to do in this was to find out what the issues in the graph was. Overall, this was a fun task to do.


Sleeping Lions – Statistical Inquiry

Today in Maths, we did a task where we had to compare 1 variable to how much hours of sleep we get. You could choose out of these variables, gender,age,height and well-being. My group chose gender because we thought it was the easiest to do. These were our questions that we had to answer, look below to see all of our answers. You actually might be interested.

Thank you for your time!

Equivalent Ratios

Today we learnt about equivalent ratios and how to solve them. We worked with Miss Stone to figure out all the equations on our maths sheet. We also used smarties to figure some ratio related questions. I didn’t get what ratios were at first but then I started getting the hang of how to do it. We first chose 2 coloured smarties, my ones were purple and pink. The ratio for this was 5:3, I was really confused by what this mean’t but after doing 10 questions it was really easy. Afterwards we ate the smarties and learnt something at the end of the day.

Here is a photo of what one of my ratios was, 1:1:3.

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