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Pangarau tm1-wk5

This week for maths in room 5 , we have been learning tricks to figure out timetable equations. We used the line method which I found really difficult to do!  Overall , I really liked doing this task , it was quick and easy to do forsuree. Please leave a positive comment on my blog !


Today for maths, we were using BEDMAS to solve our maths problems. I found this really challenging and atleast I figured it out in the end. Please leave a positive comment on my blog !

Introduction to Algebra!

Last week for maths, we were learning about algebra and we also learnt how to solve the equations. The one thing that I found most difficult was using B.E.D.M.A.S for the first time. If you didn’t know, B stands for brackets, E stands for Exponents, D stands for division, M stands for multiplication, A stands for addition and S stands for subtractions. Anyways please leave a positive comment on my blog please!