My Inspiration.

My sister


Who are they?

This person that inspires me is my sister who lives in Australia. She was born in 2005, if you didn’t know. She has been there for me all my life, just not in real life, online. My sister is currently in college and is in Year 12, she is 17. She is also that kind of person that likes art and likes to play instruments like, guitar,piano and the flute. She is kind of amazing in my opinion.


Write about their life.

She was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia in 2015. She currently lives in Sydney still, but it’s okay because she visits every christmas, and sometimes when it’s her birthday. She works at a Starbucks near her house, which is amazing! She is always talking about how awesome her job is and how she is never going to quit! Another thing she does when she is at college is apply for art competitions. She came 1st in 4 competitions which is amazing. When she has nothing to do, she always calls me to see if I want to play games with her, obviously I say yes! Anyways, this is the person I look up to.

How do they inspire you?

She inspires me in many ways, sometimes I try to impersonate her for fun! She is so good at playing instruments, sometimes, I want to be as good as her to make her proud of me! Another thing she is really good at that inspires me is maths, everytime I throw a question to her, she always answers straight away like Albert Einstein. I’m so inspired by my sister that I want to be exactly like her, same clothes, same instruments, same art, same..everything! Anyways, the main reason why she is my inspiration is because she is so good at everything that I envy! Sometimes, I remind myself that she loves me and she is proud of me.

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