Tag: Term 2

Shrek’s About me.

G’day there, my name’s Shrek and I live in a swamp near the Kingdom of Far Far away. I live alone and it is the best. Except for all the people that think they can come and trespass in my swamp. I am a green ogre that is round like a ball  with wonderful ears that stick out. I am secretly a nice person and I love to keep myself busy everyday. It is nice to have nobody around because it’s quiet and peaceful. I do some wonderful things everyday in my swamp and it keeps me occupied. I love eating eyeballs jam on my toast as a topping. I also love my peace and quiet in my swamp. My favourite colour is also green, like my skin.


Task Description: For this task we had to write an About me piece of writing for Shrek. We focused on promoting Shrek in a positive way.