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Visual Mihi Presentation

Today for my Cybersmart challenge, I decided to do my visual mihi presentation. I introduced myself only using pictures and I found it quite pleasing. Some of my favourite things that I love are in my visual mihi. I enjoyed doing this challenge very much! What are some of the things you can tell just by looking at some of my favourite things?

Cultural Fashion Term 2 Extension

This term for extension we have been learning about Cultural Fashion. We had to research 2 different cultures and pick 1 piece of clothing and explain why they wear it. For my project, I have picked a Ie Lavalava from Samoa and a Kimono from Japan. These are both traditional attire that you could wear on a daily basis. I truly explained each piece of clothing very good in my opinion. Japan is a very populated country and Samoa on the other hand is a country that barely gets recognised by people.

Coke & Mentos experiment

Today for science, me, Meliame and Tita did the coke & mentos experiment. Our hypothesis was that the coke & mentos was going to erupt, our hypothesis was correct because it erupted like a volcano! We used 8 mentos inside the coke by the way.

Seventh Grade

Question Answer
What background information do you learn about Victor? Victor was a shy kid who tried to impress his crush from time to time. He probably doesn’t have that many friends because in this story, he mainly talks about Michael as his friend. He was also good at English and Spanish but bad at French and Maths.
When the boys scowl, the girls look at them. What might the girls be thinking? They probably might be thinking that they’re embarrassing themselves by trying to copy all the male models that look way handsome then them. The girls might be gossiping behind Micheal and Victors back.
What obstacles are getting in the way of Victor making Teresa “his girl”? Getting embarrassed in front of Teresa and trying to impress her but it also goes wrong.
How does the tension increase now that Victor and Teresa are in the same class together? He was flabbergasted when he found out he was in the same class as her. The tension started increasing when he proudly said in front of everybody he knows French even though he doesn’t, he tried making it up and thought Mr Bueller was going to embarrass him.
Why did the teacher turn his back and walk to the blackboard? Mr. Bueller knew that Victor was wrong and didn’t know French, he didn’t want to embarrass Victor in front of everybody.
The French teacher, Mr. Bueller, realises that Victor is faking his knowledge of French, yet he does not let on about it. What impression does Mr. Bueller’s action tell you about him as a person and as a teacher? Mr Bueller knows how it feels to try and impress a girl in your class. He knew all the downfalls about this but he decided to be cool and act like he got it right.

Today for literacy, we were learning about a book called “Seventh Grade, By Gary Soto.” This book is about a boy called Victor who tries to impress his crush, Teresa. He kept trying anything to catch her attention, which was only successful once. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book very much.

Womans Rights Extension Scratch Project!

This project is my extension project made on why woman should have the right to vote all around the world, especially New Zealand! This was also the project that I have chose to learn about, all about the Womans Suffrage Petition! I  specifically chose this topic because I mainly wanted to learn the history behind this protest but I also wanted to know why this happened in the first place. To find out what happened..just click on one of the signs on this project to find out!

Rust Task

Fast Rust Task
What 3 ingredients are needed for rust to occur.
Oxygen from the air
Write a brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)
Rusting occurs when the oxygen in the air and water mixes together, when it touches iron, the iron reacts and this form is called Iron Oxide. When the water and iron oxide contact each other, they form a new red substance called rust. As the rust forms over time, they could actually disintegrate.
How could you prevent something from rusting?
Keep iron in an isolated dry area and make sure that no water or air comes in, that way it can’t form something that is rusting. Another way to prevent rusting is by painting the metal/iron, coating it 4 times would be ideal since it does keep air and moisture from the atmosphere from interacting with each other.
Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.
  • I have found out that the rust that you usually find everywhere is actually the fourth most common element that is found in the Earth’s crust, the rust makes up to 5% of the Earth’s crust.
  • The Auckland harbor bridge uses about 3 tonnes of paint coating to stop about 6000 tonnes of steel from rusting. They repaint it every 4 years so it doesn’t rust.
  • Whenever oxygen mixes with water on something on iron, it usually takes several months to form rust.
Write down any new words you found in Fast Rust or the article about rust. Make sure you learn what the word means and write down a definition you understand for each new word.
A breaking down of materials due to a chemical action like rusting.
Something that is in shock or excitement and is taken into action.
This is a chemical element that is known for their ability to resist corrosion.
This is a very strong metal and it has chemical element number 22 on PT.
A metal made by combining 2 or more metallic elements.
Iron Oxides
Iron Oxide is a chemical compound and is used in pigments.
A fungus is a living organism that can be found in yeast and mushrooms.
A chemical reaction happens when one or more chemicals are changed.
Remaining alone or not with others around you.
Slaughtering an animal or person (It also relates to sacrifice)