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Letter to my dearest friend.

Dear Anastasia,


I just arrived in Bath 30 minutes ago. Someone recommended Bell and Dragon as a place to stay but honestly, it was way over my budget. Walking in the cold frosty wind, a normal looking house caught my eye because there was a notice on the window that was so mesmerising, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I nervously walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. An old woman answered the door straight away, she was awfully nice to me which was concerning. I entered the door and she said everything was already done for me, it’s like she’s been waiting for someone to enter the door. Anyways, we were walking upstairs until she suddenly stopped and said “You have the whole second floor to yourself.” She had a knife behind her back but she said “Oh dear, I’m using this knife to chop up the vegetables!” Very strange to carry a knife with you.


 We made it to the second floor and I was unpacking my stuff, she came from behind me and said “come down to the ground floor when you’re finished so you can sign the guest book.” I signed it but I recognised two of the names in the book, I was curious but I just left it.

 She came downstairs and suddenly asked me if I wanted tea. To be honest I really didn’t like tea but I didn’t want to be rude. I had one sip of the tea and to be honest, it kind of tasted like drugs, the ones that I took at the hospital. She kept offering me tea continuously which was getting me frustrated. I changed the subject but I could tell she was getting mad, what did she want from me? Anyways, I saw her parrot and dog by the fireplace but I felt a bit hazy and I couldn’t tell if they were moving or not. I asked the old woman “are your animals okay?” She said to me “Deary, they’re okay but the animals..the animals are dead! I stuffed them myself!” I was shocked and scared at the same time, I reached down to touch them but the animals felt stone cold. 


All of a sudden, I dropped to the floor and was unconscious for about an hour. I woke up in this strange room, 2 other people in here with me..they weren’t moving, at all. I hid in the corner but the old woman entered the room with the same exact knife behind her back, I was terrified! She ran up to me and stabbed me in the chest but miraculously, I survived. I pushed her aside and she told me “you will never escape me, i’ll stuff you like how I stuffed the others!” I tripped down the stairs and started barking at her, she was angry so I stopped. I got up as quickly as I could and ran out the door and never looked back. 


From your dearest friend, Billy.




This week, we have been learning about foreshadowing and how to give hints without spoiling the surprise at the end! This is my note to my dearest friend Anastasia from Billy’s perspective. I hope you enjoy my letter!

If I won 2 million dollars..

If I won 2 million dollars, I would probably donate half of it to a homeless shelter in need. This is a good cause that could actually save their lives. They would have a roof over their head, food and clothes, isn’t it amazing? For the rest of my money, I’ll probably give a lot of it to my family so it could also help them out! Maybe some of them could buy new furniture, more food, and so on! Now, with the leftover money that I have left for myself, I would probably save a little bit of it for college and a university that I’ll be going to. If I don’t end up going to a university, I’ll probably spend it on a car that I can use to drive around. Some of it, I’ll probably make gifts for homeless people and go around the city on Christmas to give some of these useful items like blankets, toothpaste/toothbrush, food and some money! Anyways, some of you might not agree with me but remember, 

“Money can’t buy you happiness.”

Descriptive Writing – Sour lollies

Today, Mr Moran decided to go to a candy shop and bought some lollies for his class to taste test. It was a blind test with a partner, the partner also had to give it to you to feel and smell. It felt very hairy, like a coconut. Some things on the ball were falling off so I actually thought it was something very weird. Also it was very small. 

It smelt like nothing to be honest when I had my mask on, but when I took my mask off it smelt like very old cardboard that hasn’t been touched in years, but it also smelt very sugary and sweet.

When I finally put it into my mouth my face changed, my face went very sour and I looked like I was exaggerating very hard. My face felt like it was squishing together and I wanted to spit it out SO bad! Once all the citric acid melted into my mouth, it tasted very sweet, like a normal lolly. I bit into it and a fizzy juice came out of it, it tasted really nice so I savoured the flavour until it went out. It was also funny how I asked for a napkin to spit the lolly in but, I never did! I toughened up and swallowed it!

A really weird fact was it was the most sour lolly that New Zealand has ever made. Usually every sour lolly is made in America but New zealand decided to make their own. Overall I rate it a 10/10.

Mcdonald’s Writing

Mcdonald’s, everybody in the world loves Mcdonald’s, well most non-vegan people. Mcdonald’s is practically located everywhere around the WORLD! They have been famous for over 10 years, but it was built in the 90s. Mcdonald’s are definitely famous for all of their burgers, maybe their fries too. They renovate their stores a lot, that’s why the majority of them look fancy,but some Mcdonald’s don’t renovate their stores at all. It would be awesome if the original design version of Mcdonald’s still existed.


Mcdonald’s was built in San Bernardino, California. It was first originally opened on 15th April 1955, according to google. People have made a documentary of when the first Mcdonald opened and who was the original owner, this documentary was made in 2016. The original owners were Maurice Mcdonald and Richard Mcdonald. But now Mcdonalds is located around the world, in some countries. The Mcdonalds in New Zealand is famous and delicious just like every other one.


Some things that are popular from Mcdonald’s are probably the Big Mac or frozen cokes. These are definitely my top 2 favourites that you should try at Mcdonalds! The frozen cokes come in many different kinds of flavours, but people like to stick with the original. People don’t like buying too many frozen cokes because sometimes they lead to tooth decay. The big mac on the other hand, they have a special kind of sauce that makes the flavours pop out! It’s like a quarter-pounder but stacked on each-other.



  • Did you know that Mcdonald’s was originally a BBQ restaurant in the 90’s. But then, 8 years later, they started serving burgers,milkshakes,french fries and pies.
  • Did you know that there are more Mcdonald restaurants than hospitals? There are about 4,000 more Mcdonald’s restaurants than hospitals.
  • The Mcdonald’s logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the whole entire world! 
  • Another interesting fact is, nobody knew who made Ronald Mcdonald, the clown mascot.


Task Descripton:

Today I have finished writing my Mcdonald’s writing that I was working on for 4 days! These might be some things you already knew but that’s okay! Anyways, these are some very interesting facts I found on a link that I will leave at the bottom. Anyways, hope you enjoy this blog post, thank you, and bye!!

Links to Mcdonald’s Websites:

Mcdonald’s Wikipedia

Mcdonald’s Facts

Mcdonald’s History


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