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Phobia by Peter Friend

Today I have posted my literacy work: Phobia, by Peter Friend. I found this reading task really enjoyable and I love it because I also relate to most of these phobias. I have a fear of clowns which is quite common to be honest. Did you know that some people have a fear of walking?! Crazy right?

Anyways, I just have one question for you..what are your phobias?

Hope you enjoyed my blog post! 🙂

Narrative Writing Activity

Once in a kingdom that no one from the outside world has ever heard of , was a family of royalty and their beautiful village. The village below was man-made and beautiful. Little did they know that they had a dungeon deep in the ground where bones and skulls lived. But one unknown species survived for over 1000 years. He eats the rats and toads that stumble in the hole that he tried to make but failed.

 He also lived alone because he ate everyone that sat in there with him. He smelt like rotten cheese that hasn’t been touched in years. The princess or any royalty that is currently alive doesn’t know about him because their ancestors did not tell anyone. 


One fateful day, the beautiful princess was walking along the seaside, until she heard growling coming out of nowhere. When she titled over to listen to the ground she could hear it getting louder! She ran back to her castle calling for all the guards. The guards rushed down to see her starting to dig in the dirt, they were VERY confused. One guard asked her “Princess, may I ask why we got called down?” She became furious and said “Isn’t it obvious?! Help me dig down!” The guards nervously said “Yes princess Eleina.” They began digging and digging until..they heard a loud metal CLANG! They uncovered the dirt that lies on the top and there they saw..A TERRIBLE..LOOKING..OGRE!! 


They screamed at the top of their lungs, while the ogre was pulling the princess down with him. The princess accidentally hit her head on the metal bar which caused her to faint on the muddy floor. The guards ran back to tell the king while the princess wasn’t breathing!


While the princess was unconscious the ogre was scared! The reason why the ogre was scared was because he thought he killed her. He had no idea how to save her, so he thought knocking himself out would help, but obviously, it didn’t. Now they were both unconscious and nobody was around because it was a VERY deep hole. They were frozen for 5 hours with no sudden movement. Finally, a little girl skipped past the hole and looked down, she could barely see so she went down for a closer look. She was very good at mountain climbing so climbing down will be easy for her. She finally reached the ground and saw them laying still, she was confused. The little girl felt their pulse but it was a very weak response. She said once, “Hello, are you alive?” They didn’t respond. She said it again and again and again, BUT, still no response. She started worrying and tried to figure out what to do, but her mind was blank. Another thing she had to worry about was how to get out of the hole. The little girl had too much to think about so she was crying.


While she was crying, she didn’t realise that her tears on the ground were turning into pure gold juice! She looked down and stopped crying, the gold juice spun around into a gigantic genie. The genie realised that he was alive after 1500 years. He quickly looked around until he recognized the ogre. It turns out that he and the ogre were secret brothers! But right now the genie didn’t care about that and said to the little girl, “I will grant you one wish, one wish only.” It took her 30 minutes to think about what she was going to do, save them all and take them out of the hole or become rich and famous in the village. She finally picked her decision and she said “ I wish..that the princess,me and the ogre would go to the top of the land. The genie said “Your wish shall now be granted.” 


The genie granted the wish, and the princess,the ogre and the little girl floated all the way to the top of the hole. The ogre and the princess magically woke up and they were relieved they were still alive. Even though the princess still felt alerted every time she was around the ogre, she didn’t care. To present their friendship, the generous princess gave the ogre an unlimited amount of toads to eat. Also in the end she let the ogre sleep in her old guest room and he really loved it. 

The End.

Task Description: Today I have posted my narrative writing that I have started 2 days ago. Also the ogre was 1201 years old and the princess was 21 years old, if you were wondering. Hope you visit my blog again! 🙂