Day: February 9, 2022

My dream home.


                                                       My Dream Home

                    Owning a mansion with six stories on a hill, distant from    everybody else, in Philadelphia. That is my dream home. But I would also live with 5 other people.


           3 indoor swings in the middle of the hallway would be awesome, because there could be gigantic windows in front of the swings with a nice calming sunset. All the walls on the 5th would be sage green, while every floor in the mansion will be cloud gray, since it is a very nice color. 16 Bedrooms on floor 5,4,3. 7 bathrooms in only 7 of the bathrooms will also be  in my dream house. 


A nice pool with color changing lights in it, on the cliff is a dream of mine. A movie theater would be at the end of the hall on the 6th floor, you could watch any movie you want. 


The 2nd floor will mainly be the kitchen to cook food, the dining room to eat all the food we cook. The 2nd floor will also include a lounge only filled with Nike stuff, like a Nike couch. Included in the lounge would be a gigantic smart tv, a wide window that has an opening glass door, which leads to a swing that makes you swing over the edge, would also be included in the lounge.


The rest of the other floors would include fake vines and guest bedrooms. An indoor park on each floor. But another thing each floor would have is their own personal maids. There would also be automatic opening drawers that open when you command it too.


One reason I would like to live in Philadelphia is because Philadelphia has a really nice city view, and some nice mountains that you could look at in the evening. There are also some nice city lights with water fountains. That would be a nice dream home.