Month: June 2022

Mana Ako Club.

Hello! Mana Ako club is coming to a end for Term 2 and I am getting ready for a new term! Mana ako is a after school club also.


->> What do you look forward to?

I look forward to not waking up early and relaxing. I also look forward to doing maths whizz and other learning stuff, I really like doing learning sometimes.


->> What do you try to avoid?

I try to avoid public speaking and dancing infront of everyone on stage, or anywhere actually. Another thing I try to avoid is showing my stuff infront of everyone, for example, like a presentation.


->> What is something you don’t enjoy but is good for you?

Maths, maths is something I don’t enjoy because I don’t understand algebra and bedmas. I also don’t enjoy sports a little because sometimes it’s confusing.

Here are 2 learning goals that I will try to achieve:

1: I will learn better in maths so I know every question straight away.

2: I will try to achieve my goal by posting more than 80 blogposts in term 2.


Thank you for all the people at Mana Ako. Also, thank you for looking at my blog! 🙂

Writing Challenge.


On the 6th of june 2022, the warriors had a game against the Melbourne Storm, whoever won gets free tickets to a resort in Hawaii. They were outstanding in the beginning because they got 6 points to 2, but then the Melbourne Storm caught up to their score and it was a full-on tie. It was really intense but it was half-time, the warriors went to their coach, and the coach explained some strategies about how they could win. When half-time was finished, they ran back out to the field and started playing intensely. Everybody was cheering them on, “Warriors, warriors!” They won and took the trophy with them to the Hawaiian resort the next day. They had a nice time at the resort playing rugby.