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Descriptive Writing – Sour lollies

Today, Mr Moran decided to go to a candy shop and bought some lollies for his class to taste test. It was a blind test with a partner, the partner also had to give it to you to feel and smell. It felt very hairy, like a coconut. Some things on the ball were falling off so I actually thought it was something very weird. Also it was very small. 

It smelt like nothing to be honest when I had my mask on, but when I took my mask off it smelt like very old cardboard that hasn’t been touched in years, but it also smelt very sugary and sweet.

When I finally put it into my mouth my face changed, my face went very sour and I looked like I was exaggerating very hard. My face felt like it was squishing together and I wanted to spit it out SO bad! Once all the citric acid melted into my mouth, it tasted very sweet, like a normal lolly. I bit into it and a fizzy juice came out of it, it tasted really nice so I savoured the flavour until it went out. It was also funny how I asked for a napkin to spit the lolly in but, I never did! I toughened up and swallowed it!

A really weird fact was it was the most sour lolly that New Zealand has ever made. Usually every sour lolly is made in America but New zealand decided to make their own. Overall I rate it a 10/10.


Today, me and 30 other students from Pt England went to the city to go to a place called KPMG. We got on the bus and drove for 15-20 minutes. When we got there, we went into a room called the infinity room and the staff introduced themselves, the KPMG staff was also explaining what there job is and what they do.

Straight after that, we went on a tour through their office, we went on every level and talked to some people that worked there, we also learnt new things about taxes and other things. Me and some other girls were asking our tour guide questions, it was delightful.

We all went back to the infinity room after 20 minutes and ate morning tea, we had sausage rolls and scones, it waas really yum! After we finished eating, we started to take photos infront of a green screen with props on, it was a really fun activity to do in my opinion. Another thing that we learnt was how to photoshop our own pictures!  We couldn’t upload the photos we took on the green screen so, we had to take photos on our chromebook and put it on a background.

Afterwards, we had lunch and it was really yummy, it was salad,chicken,fruit kebabs and mini burgers. When we finished eating the delicious food we washed our hands and made stop motions with clay and play-doh. I made a stick man with purple clay doing a dance, we were allowed to mix all the colours but there still had to be normal colours. I took the stop motion photos and created the animation, it was really fun to do to be honest.

In the end, we finished our trip at KPMG and got back on the bus, but first we thanked all of them for having us and for taking time off work for us. When we finally got back on the bus a lot of people were sleeping because it was a long day, overall the whole trip was awesome.

Here are some photos that we took today:


Meet Measurements.

Task Description: Today we were learning about Measurements and their different units. The 4th slide was confusing for me, but I got it in the end. The last slide was me measuring things in my tote-tray and taking a photo of it. This task was challenging for me overall, but i’ll learn about measurements more often.