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Graphy Graphs

Today in maths, we were learning about the different kind of graphs there are. We also did some statements to prove that these are right. My favourite thing to do in this was to find out what the issues in the graph was. Overall, this was a fun task to do.


Sleeping Lions – Statistical Inquiry

Today in Maths, we did a task where we had to compare 1 variable to how much hours of sleep we get. You could choose out of these variables, gender,age,height and well-being. My group chose gender because we thought it was the easiest to do. These were our questions that we had to answer, look below to see all of our answers. You actually might be interested.

Thank you for your time!

Phobia by Peter Friend

Today I have posted my literacy work: Phobia, by Peter Friend. I found this reading task really enjoyable and I love it because I also relate to most of these phobias. I have a fear of clowns which is quite common to be honest. Did you know that some people have a fear of walking?! Crazy right?

Anyways, I just have one question for you..what are your phobias?

Hope you enjoyed my blog post! 🙂

Persuasive Poster/Speech

LED lights are strip lights that are 100% good lighting and makes you look cool! LED lights products produce 90% more effeciently than normal lightbulbs.These can also last up to 25 times longer than normal light bulbs. LED lights are strip lights that can change into many different colours and it can also help you to sleep at night. Did you know that led lights have been tested and they can last up to more than 100,000 hours! Amazing right? They come in many different sizes like big,small,medium and some other sizes! You can also change it to the color your feeling. 

Homework: Term 3, Week 1

Literacy 6 Sentences:

On a very gloomy day, a old man has lost his loved one. They have been together for many years and promised eachother that they will stay together forever. Until they hit 56, the beautiful lady had cancer but decided not to tell anybody, she decided that she will spend her last days with her loved one since all her family has passed on. They went on walks to go see the beautiful trees, they went to go sit down on the chairs at the beach to watch the sunset, the couple did everything fun that they could do. One fateful day, they went on a walk and sat down on their favourite chair, the guy was wondering why his wife wasn’t talking, but it turns out she wasn’t breathing. He rushed her to the hospital and realised it was too late, from this day on he still sits on that chair with her favourite flower.