Visual Mihi Presentation

Today for my Cybersmart challenge, I decided to do my visual mihi presentation. I introduced myself only using pictures and I found it quite pleasing. Some of my favourite things that I love are in my visual mihi. I enjoyed doing this challenge very much! What are some of the things you can tell just by looking at some of my favourite things?

Cultural Fashion Term 2 Extension

This term for extension we have been learning about Cultural Fashion. We had to research 2 different cultures and pick 1 piece of clothing and explain why they wear it. For my project, I have picked a Ie Lavalava from Samoa and a Kimono from Japan. These are both traditional attire that you could wear on a daily basis. I truly explained each piece of clothing very good in my opinion. Japan is a very populated country and Samoa on the other hand is a country that barely gets recognised by people.