Day: March 24, 2023

If I won 2 million dollars..

If I won 2 million dollars, I would probably donate half of it to a homeless shelter in need. This is a good cause that could actually save their lives. They would have a roof over their head, food and clothes, isn’t it amazing? For the rest of my money, I’ll probably give a lot of it to my family so it could also help them out! Maybe some of them could buy new furniture, more food, and so on! Now, with the leftover money that I have left for myself, I would probably save a little bit of it for college and a university that I’ll be going to. If I don’t end up going to a university, I’ll probably spend it on a car that I can use to drive around. Some of it, I’ll probably make gifts for homeless people and go around the city on Christmas to give some of these useful items like blankets, toothpaste/toothbrush, food and some money! Anyways, some of you might not agree with me but remember, 

“Money can’t buy you happiness.”