It’s Cool To Be Kind (SLJ Task)

Today, I have posted the next part of It’s Cool To Be Kind but in Te Reo Maori. This has been amazing and really helpful to learn how to post a positive comment in maori! I loved doing this and I would recommend to do this again! 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s Cool To Be Kind (SLJ Task)

  1. Kia ora, Amira. I really like your Maori comment to Frankie. You are very kind to others. How did you learn Maori so fast? Ka pai Amira! I really love how you added a lot nice comments and good work.

    Thanks Swaiimah

    1. Hey Swaimah!

      Thank you for your sweet compliments, I really loved your poem that you did yesterday! I learned it so fast because i’m part maori, so my aunty decided to help me. Plus, I got some help from the summer learning journey task!

      Thank you for your positive comment! 🙂

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