Samoan Flag (SLJ Teaser 3)

For my next Summer Learning Journey teaser activity, I have posted what the colors and stars represent in the Samoan flag. I have created the Samoa flag on google drawing and I really think it looks accurate to the real one. Anyways, this was a really fun task to do, in my opinion.

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One thought on “Samoan Flag (SLJ Teaser 3)

  1. Malo lava Amira, well done on completing this teaser task. Is this information about the Samoa flag new for you? I hope you get the chance to complete the next part where you find out about more flags that connect to you and your family.
    Today starts your chance to score points with your Summer Learning Journey tasks. Go here to start scoring your points!
    Looking forward to seeing what you will post today.
    Mrs Tele’a

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