Day: February 15, 2022

Introduction Writing: Glen Innes, Auckland


G.I is probably the best community in New Zealand, in my opinion.


Glen Innes is a friendly community located in East Auckland, NZ. Glen Innes also has a population over 500 people. Glen Innes is also home to the best schools in Auckland, Pt England, Tamaki college and Tamaki primary school. They teach you new things that you might need for when you get older. There are also different kinds of people that you could meet in Glen Innes, like Maori , islander and pakeha people. Also there are a lot of different places in Glen Innes that are definitely good for kids, like Te oro to learn new cultural dances and do some art, the library to read some new interesting books and School 4to learn a LOT of new things you need to know for life.