Day: February 14, 2022

Plan Writing: Why G.I is the best community in NZ.

The three ideas:

        The best schools in Glen Innes that little kids should go to when they grow up:

  • Pt england 
  • Tamaki College
  • Tamaki Primary

There are a lot of places in Glen Innes that are good for kids:

  • Te oro to learn more stuff about dancing and other things.
  • The library to learn some new stuff out of books.
  • School, to learn some new things for college and university.


The different kind of people in the Glen Innes community:

  • Maori people
  • Islander people
  • Pakeha people


                  Task Description:

My writing’s about why G.I is the best community in New Zealand. I wrote 3 things under why I think G.I is the best community. Thank you.